How to Get Traffic to Your Website

You spent so much time and you’re pretty bummed that no one’s finding your website? SEO takes a ton of time? It’s not something you can do today and you’re going to start getting traffic tomorrow. Right. But if you have all this great content but bad SEO, no one’s going to find it.

Welcome to supersonic traffic. Today we’re talking about how to get traffic to your website. All right, so I’ve got this website and I made it all super pretty, its got good animations, how do we get traffic to it? – Yeah, so you spent so much time and you’re pretty bummed that no one’s finding your website. Well the first thing you need to do is you need to put content on your website. So if you don’t have articles, if you don’t have a reason for people to be continually coming to your website, you need to give ’em a reason.

So start publishing content regularly. Start a blog. It’s the easiest thing that you can do. You can post whatever cadence you want, whether its once a week, twice a week, three times a week, four, five, six times a week. I don’t know. You pick what works for you and just start putting content out there. Then people will start finding it, and then subscribing and coming back and back again. – All right, and as a bonus, we actually dove pretty deep into content creation and content marketing. We’ll throw the link right over there. But, talking about the cadence and series, how do we really keep things organized and consistent? – Easiest thing you can do is create a content calendar. Its a place where you can put all of your post and all of your ideas in one place and then you can see, ‘Okay, I need to write these 10 articles, and they’re going to post on these days.’ – Perfect.

So we have the content created. Content is king. Now, should it just live on the website, what else should we do with that content to build traffic? – So the easiest thing that you can do is, once you already have tons of content, is go publish it everywhere. – Everywhere! – Everywhere! So for example, if I have a blog post and I took great photographs and its five tips on how to be awesome, you know, I should show the world on other places on YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram. Hey, maybe I should share those five tips on those other places, because I have followers. There are lots of people out there that don’t just follow you on your blog.

So you need to get that content out. There’s people on Pinterest who don’t even know you exist. So you need to make sure you create a nice little Pinterest banner, and it links back to your website, because people will be searching and they’ll find you, and they’ll become one of your new followers and readers. – I like that. So that’s super important. You create a banner for Pinterest, and you create a, you repurpose that content for Instagram, don’t just copy paste it everywhere, right.

You have to make it for that platform. Like Twitter, keep it super simple, super short. Instagram. – Include one of the tips. – Imagery is everything, especially the five photos. Right. Make sure its for that audience, ’cause they’re there for a reason. Like if I’m on Instagram, I want to see imageries and things like that. I don’t want, I don’t want to see text. – Yep. For YouTube you basically have a script already written with that piece of content, so just get in front of the camera and share those five tips, and publish to the YouTube world. – There it is. And then you put little micro-content everywhere else, on YouTube and then back to your website, just repurpose, its like a circle. – Just be everywhere, and share. Yep. – Share it all. All right, so we’re repurposing content, we’re putting on social, we’re putting it on our website, putting it where our followers are, but what we haven’t brought up is email marketing. Now a lot of people say ’email marketing is dead, don’t use it, its in the past, everything’s social.’ What’s the value behind email marketing? – First and foremost, people who are saying email marketing is dead, NO, NO, NO.

Email marketing is still alive and well. The great thing about email marketing, its really one of the only places where the algorithm, like all these algorithms out there that hide your content and make it so people who are supposedly following you can’t find it. You own that list. And so when you send an email, they will see your email.

So that’s a great way to get your content in front of eyeballs of people who indicated, like literally they’ve signed up to follow updates from you. So in email marketing, there’s lots of different things that you can do. You can do a newsletter, you can just, anytime you post, you automatically send an email to anyone. Whatever you want, just go and get in front of your audience through email. – What are some of your favorite newsletters? Like go check your inbox right now, and just look. Are you following businesses, and there’s a reason and what a super great point is, you don’t always read those messages, – Right, right. – But you still see that brand constantly. – Yep. – Right, keeping that awareness going. – When they see that email from you, sometimes they’re gonna click, they’re gonna go back to your website, and that’s going to increase traffic to your website. – And just to add on to that, we talked about it in earlier videos, not to ‘sell, sell, sell.’ You want to ‘tell, tell, tell.’ And when you’re creating your email marketing newsletter, you want it to add value.

Whether its your blog post, or content. Don’t always be an offer to buy this. ’cause you’re going to get just unsubscribed immediately. So, what are some other options that we can do to help build traffic to our site? – Yeah, so we’ve done a ton. We’ve built our own content, we’ve shared our content on all of our social channels, and all these different places, we’ve gone to our email list. Now its time to go to other people’s website. – Out into the wild. – Yes. The wild wild west of sites that you do not own yourselves. So you don’t control it, called Guest Posts. So basically, we know how hard creating content is, its time consuming, you have to edit it, you have to draft, you have to come up with all these ideas, and you’re an expert. And maybe you’ve already written about the things that you’re an expert about so many times over. Your audience knows that, but maybe someone else’s audience would benefit from learning from you. So Guest Blogging is going to someone else, maybe in your niche or a different niche and saying, “Hey, I would like to write an article for your audience.

Here’s what I was thinking.” And what that does is you create very useful content. And then the most important is that, somewhere in your bio or in that article, you have a link back to your website. So that these new readers can find you and then go to your website, visit and follow you from there. – Not only that, that also build back links right? – Yep. – So that helps your SEO, increases the traffic, which is what this video is about. – That’s perfect because that ties into SEO. Getting more traffic to your site, it means appearing on search engines. So if you aren’t even appearing on the first page, your basically dead.

No one goes past the first search page of google, or any of the search engines. So you need to work on your SEO, which is your Search Engine Optimization. So that way, people, when they’re searching for your keywords, or your products or services, that you show up and they visit your site. We actually just did a video all about this. You can check it out right here. All the basics of SEO. SEO is so big, make sure to check out that video. But if you have all this great content, but bad SEO, no one’s gonna find it. So you really work on your SEO, to increase your traffic. – Right. And what really helped me understand backlinks, and something that I deal with a lot is, you can think of backlinks almost as like followers, or like on your post on Instagram, or wherever else. The more likes you get, the more people are gonna see it. So those backlinks are just “likes” for your website. So SEO takes a ton of time, right. It’s not something you can do today, and you’re gonna start getting traffic tomorrow.

– [Morgan] Right, right. – What are some things that, if we need that instant gratification, like ‘I’m a millennial, I need to see it now.’ What are some things I can do to get that instant traffic? – Yep. Like you said, SEO is building a relationship with Google. So it does take time. It’s like we’re dating Google. You have to take them on all these dates, month after month, week after week, and so it really does take six or 12 months to really have very very strong SEO results, if you’re consistently putting in the efforts. But if you need traffic now, there are things that you can do right now to get…

– Right meow? – Right now. To get the traffic that you need. Its called ‘Ads.’ So ads on search engines are an easy way to have your website pop up on the top of the search results. But the problem with it is that its pay to play. So if I have a $1000 ad budget, every time that someone clicks that ad, it gets subtracted from my budget. And eventually, whatever the rate is, when by budget’s gone, my website, ‘Poof.’ It no longer appears on the search result. But ads do work. We love Google. That’s why we use it. Every single day. Multiple times per day. So, people love Google and they do trust the ads.

So if you need people to buy your products right now, you might want to look into a PPC campaign, to get that traffic. – Right. That Pay-Per-Click, and Google’s not the only place you can do it. I’m sure you’ve scrolled on Facebook, or on Instagram, or Twitter, and you’ve seen the ads there too. Like you need to be where your audience is. Like Google’s probably the most relevant, ’cause people are searching for those exact terms, so you’re going to get that instant click. But its part of the brand awareness, and just random clicks to the site, those social media platforms are probably pretty good too. – Yep. Speaking of social ads, social ads can be very targeted, because they know everything about your demographics, what you like, what you don’t like. It’s a bit scary. – All right, so we’re doing all these things to build traffic to our website, but how do we know what’s working? – Analytics. So if you do not have Google Analytics installed on your website, you need to stop and go install it right now. Because it has so much information, about who is visiting your website, when they’re visiting your website, how long, what pages they’re visiting, when they’re leaving.

Its so much information, and it will help you understand which of your articles, that you spent so much time creating are getting the most traffic. Where they’re coming from. What search terms people are searching to find those articles. And so you’ll be able to see very quickly what are your top performers, and what are your duds. So you can stop working on the things that aren’t working. And building more content that people are actually searching for. So Google analytics, you could do a whole video just on that. There’s master courses just on Google analytics. But even just having the basic installation, will give you enough information, so you can continue building content that your audience wants which will bring more traffic. – And then to add on that, I probably recommend setting up Google webmaster tools.

Just so you can see where your organic search traffic is coming from, you can see the search terms, how often people are viewing it, they’re clicking it. Things like that, kind of piggy backs on that Google analytics. – Yep. All right guys, I hope this video was helpful for you, and that you have actionable tips that you can start today to start increasing traffic to your website.

I’m curious. Let me know in the comments below. What is one thing you’re going to start doing. Are you gonna build content, work on an email list, let me know. – I know what I’m doing. Creating video content. – Nice. – Awesome. Make sure you like and subscribe, and ring the bell if you wanna see when our next videos are coming so you get it first. This has been The Journey. Signing off..